Rahkarhaye Sanati Sarang Company

Knowledge enterprise

Anea medical and health products

Anea knowledge enterprise brand has succeed in producing products such as 3D human body scanner, body composition analyzer, digital stadiometer with the high accuracy. Anea has provided high quality and precision medical devices for clinics, gyms, medical centers and others that need these technologies.

Patravision knowledge-base company products

Rahkarhaye Sanati Sarang (Patra Vision) started its activity in 2013 in the field of designing and producing quality control equipment. Patra Vision has  succeed in producing devices and solutions in the fields of industry, medicine and health. We employed modern image processing technology and introduced state of the art technologies in Iran and is proud to be the first knowledge enterprise company (in this field) to design and manufacture several world class products in various industries (automotive, medical, sports, health, electronic industries, …)

Rix smart products

In today’s modern world, technology has intertwined in people’s every day life and we have been surprised with new smart techs and devices. Rix knowledge enterprise brand has been a pioneer in the design and production of smart products and gadgets. It has produced products such as smart liquid, smart gel and smart foam, smart gas stove and other smart home’s products that fit the demands of this new era.

Smopod – A set of reaction-time exercises

It is a new training system that helps you to run and control your training. Smopod consists pods with colored lights LEDs that are managed and controlled by the App on smartphones. By choosing various exercises training in the App or personalizing the exercises according to the coach’s opinion, you can react appropriately to the pods. Smopod motivates you to perform faster, break boundaries and increase your performance, challenge yourself, or compete with others.